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eHome Charger

An attractive and compact design is essential in a home charger to integrate with your garage. The Wallbox eHome is created from this vision, adding great strength and designed for ease of use without sacrificing a competitive price.


● Remote activation of the load through an external ON/OFF input signal (e.g. timer)

● The housing is made of ABS plastic, a robust and UV-resistant material.

● The Wallbox eHome series has a reserved space in case you want to include your own branding

eVolve Charger

Designed to be installed in public spaces (urban areas, shopping centers, parking lots, airports, gas stations...) and private spaces (companies, community parking lots) where its intelligence improves the operator and/or user experience.


The integrated power management system allows you to reduce total costs by charging two.
VE at a time even when the charger does not use
the maximum power

● To meet demanding billing requirements, the eVolve series includes Counters
certified MID

● The eVolve series includes the necessary electrical protections to minimize the risk of electric shock and to guarantee maximum operating time thanks to the independent connector protections

Raption Charger

It adapts perfectly to various scenarios where the EV recharging time is more sensitive for the end user, such as service and rest stations on fast roads, spaces for recharging in shopping centers, professional tourism fleets and urban bus fleets, among others.


● The modular architecture of this charger allows scalability from 100 to 150 kW of power to meet the demands of battery growth.

● Its integrated payment terminal (optional) offers a very easy and intuitive solution that will improve the user experience. It will not be necessary to be subscribed to any platform: Just bring the
card and pay

● Includes class B EMC device for use
in residential areas

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