Saving Solar Plants


Installation connected directly to our electricity grid, which means that during daylight hours you can consume the solar energy produced by the installation, while when it is not enough or there is no light, the system will not generate electricity since it will not have a component that stores energy (battery).


  • Solar panels
  • inverter
  • Bidirectional Counter

With this type of plant you can save up to 100% of your energy consumption, it is a system interconnected to the national electricity grid and by bidirectional counting.

You can generate total savings on your consumption, its procedure and installation are very simple.


Or also known as an isolated installation, it is a system that is not connected to the electrical grid, which means that the solar energy is captured by the solar panel, controlled and transformed through an inverter to be stored in a solar battery. and finally finish lighting your house and generating energy for your appliances.


  • Solar panels
  • Controller
  • inverter
  • Batterie

With this type of plant you generate an energy backup, by working with batteries it can accumulate energy for autonomous use, without the need for connection to the national electricity grid.

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