The TB PLUS Solar Picnic table uses the photovoltaic solar energy system in its structure, which provides the energy so that your devices of daily use receive continuous charge, using the sun as a renewable source with innumerable benefits such as a visible green symbol that reduces the carbon footprint on the planet.

Perfect for any environment, improving the flow of traffic in outdoor spaces, adapting to the needs of the community or the group of people who use it. With an architectural, modern, decorative design and resistant to all weather conditions.

Eco Solar Picnic Table

Solar Picnic Table

Picnic Solar Plus Table


Study groups

Work meetings



Picnic and BBQ’s



Encounters with family and friends

Social clubs

Colleges and Universities

Data sheet

Solar System Specifications

  • Maximum system capacity: 200Watts
  • 2, 100 Watt Solar Receivers
  • 4 waterproof electrical outlets
  • 2 Batteries of 55 Amp / Hour, Sealed Maintenance Free (SLA) and Fiberglass Absorption (AGM) with Lead Acid Regulating Valve
  • Battery bank voltage: 12 Volts DC
  • 20 Amp Solar Power Controller (PWM), with digital readouts
  • Estimated Battery Life 5 years
  • 400w power inverter
  • LED lighting system
  • Compatible with cell phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and other laptops
  • Autonomy to charge up to 70 mobile devices.

The maximum capacity of the system can be adjusted according to needs!

Table Specifications

  • Material: High-density plastic polyethylene.
  • Table dimensions
    (lengthx width x height): 182.88 x 76.2 x 73.66 cm
  • Bench dimensions
    (length x width x height): 182.88 x 22.23 x 48.26 cm
  • Sleeps 6
  • UV protector
  • Stain resistant
  • Rust resistant
  • Electrostatic painting on the structure
  • Tecnobaterias has the patent N ° 016163383 of industrial design for 10 years (2017-2027) of the Picnic Solar table